Detox and Recovery During Pregnancy

Detox and Recovery During Pregnancy

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Most people know that using alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy can harm a developing fetus. However, any substance dependency during pregnancy can adversely affect the mother and child. Getting the right help from someone knowledgeable about detox and recovery is crucial. Acting sooner rather than later can lower the risk of harming yourself or your growing baby throughout your pregnancy.

Substance abuse can happen to anyone at any time. Although most people are encouraged to eliminate substances during pregnancy, it is possible to be pregnant before you know you need to stop. It is also possible for you to already be heavily addicted and then become pregnant and struggle with stopping your substance use.

Effects of Substance Abuse on Mother and Child During Pregnancy

If you choose not to get any treatment or make any relevant lifestyle changes, there are some possible outcomes to consider. It’s important to note that substance abuse during pregnancy is often harmful and highly unpredictable. There are many rapid changes taking place for a growing fetus, and substances can have a direct impact on these critical changes.

Often, the side effects of substance dependency will have the greatest effect on the baby. Eliminating substances like drugs and alcohol along with other harmful habits is a sure way to guarantee a healthy pregnancy for both yourself and your child.

Maternal and Fetal Side Effects

Nine months may seem like a long time, but in that time, there are rapid and constant changes happening within your body to prepare you for labor and motherhood. Substances can impact the way that your body responds to these changes, putting you at risk for multiple health complications.

Substance abuse can affect pregnancy in the following ways:

  • Risk for physical and mental health complications for the mother during and after pregnancy such as preeclampsia and maternal death
  • Increased risk of prematurity, fetal injury, or death
  • Long-term health complications for the child, such as fetal alcohol syndrome

Substances pose many great risks to you and your baby during pregnancy. If you need help with abstaining from substances to have a healthy pregnancy, there is help available. It is better that you get the support you need rather than avoid it out of shame. First Steps Recovery offers compassionate and confidential care, offering you the treatment that truly works for you and your family.

Detox and Recovery: Preventing Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Quitting substances before you get pregnant or avoiding them altogether are two of the simplest ways to prevent any substance-related health concerns for you and your child. Ideally, you can try to avoid substance abuse from the start of your pregnancy. Planning your pregnancy and actively preparing for the physical and mental wellness that it requires will set you and your baby up for success.

Oftentimes, pregnancy is unplanned, and some people can continue taking substances without knowing they’re pregnant. Rather than shaming mothers, offering genuine care and support can encourage women to get the help they need

If you or a loved one have been dealing with substance abuse during pregnancy, you can talk to one of our care coordinators or your healthcare provider to get the right help. Quitting substances while pregnant will generally require a medically assisted detox regimen, which is best done under the supervision of a trusted professional.

Detox and Recovery: Overcoming Substance Abuse for Your and Your Child’s Health

Substance abuse has a way of impacting your life in deep and lasting ways. However, it is also possible to achieve deep and lasting healing, no matter where you may be on your recovery journey.

If you or a loved one needs help overcoming substance abuse, First Steps Recovery is here to help you. We offer thorough and compassionate care from detox to counseling. Our team is committed to nurturing and empowering you along each step of your recovery journey.

Overcoming substance abuse depends on the way you show up for and honor yourself in recovery. As your own greatest advocate, it is up to you to tend to your needs and maintain boundaries that support your well-being.

What Do Detox and Recovery Look Like in Pregnancy?

The things that make healing feel good to you may differ from the next person, but it is important to maintain your overall health in the following ways:

  • Eating a balanced diet that nurtures your body and your growing baby
  • Developing sleep patterns that are refreshing and consistent
  • Spending time with loved ones who support you and understand your healing journey
  • Connecting with other moms for a strong support network full of compassion, guidance, and inspiration
  • Prioritizing and doing the things that you enjoy such as writing, singing, or drawing
  • Exercising gently (strenuous exercise such as running or weight-lifting may not be recommended during pregnancy)

The right support system can help you stay motivated to maintain a healthier lifestyle so that you and your baby have a healthy pregnancy. Unless you or your doctor have other health concerns, much of a happy and healthy pregnancy is determined by how well a mother is cared for by herself and others.

First Steps Recovery can make a great addition to your recovery toolkit. With high-quality individualized care, our team will work you to overcome addiction. The more you pour into yourself, the more wonder and joy you will be able to share with your child. That genuine bond is what motherhood is truly about, aside from changing a few diapers here and there of course!

Substance abuse during pregnancy can be very risky for you and your baby. At First Steps Recovery, we understand that no one chooses to expose their growing child to any harm. We offer caring and compassion along with practical solutions to help you overcome addiction. Our team provides caring guidance and informative resources for effective and lasting addiction treatment. By addressing your underlying mental, emotional, and physical health needs, we make it easier to release yourself from the grip of addiction. Our luxury inpatient and residential programs offer hands-on detox treatment support. We also offer virtual support to help you develop healthier thoughts, feelings, and habits. Call us at (844) 489-0836 to schedule a consultation today. 

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