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At First Steps Recovery, we offer tailored support to individuals that are fighting with opioid addiction. Located in the heart of Clovis, California, within Fresno County, our opioid rehab center is committed to providing compassionate and effective opioid addiction treatment to individuals of all walks of life.

We aim to shed light on the different aspects of opioid addiction, its effects on the body, different signs of abuse, and the transformative journey towards recovery that could await you at First Steps Recovery.

opioid detox treatment

What is Opioid Addiction?

Opioid addiction is a complex medical condition. It is usually characterized by the repeated use of opioids despite negative consequences. Opioids, including prescription painkillers and illicit substances like heroin, bind to receptors in the brain and produce a euphoric effect.

Prolonged use can lead to physical dependence, tolerance, and, ultimately, addiction. The grip of opioid addiction can be powerful, affecting individuals from many diverse backgrounds.

What are the Effects of Opioid Abuse on the Body?

The effects of opioid abuse on the body are extremely detrimental and can include both short and long term consequences. Short-term consequences may include drowsiness, constipation, and respiratory depression. Long-term abuse can lead to severe health issues, such as liver damage, respiratory issues, and even increased risk of infectious diseases. Opioid abuse also takes a toll on mental health, contributing to anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline.

What are the Signs of Opioid Abuse?

Identifying the signs of opioid abuse is a vital step towards early intervention and the beginning of the recovery journey. Opioid abuse can appear through a variety of physical, behavioral, and psychological signs. Understanding these signs can empower individuals, friends, and family members to seek help immediately.

Physical Signs

When someone is misusing opioids they may display these physical signs:
  • Euphoria and Sedation: Opioid use often produces a euphoric high, accompanied by noticeable sedation. Individuals may appear excessively calm or drowsy, even in inappropriate situations. They also may abruptly fall asleep.
  • Pupil Changes: Opioid abuse can cause constricted pupils. This is often referred to as “pinpoint pupils.” This physical change is a common marker of opioid use.
  • Slowed Breathing: Respiratory depression is a key effect of opioids. Shallow or slowed breathing may be observed in individuals under the influence, presenting a serious risk to their health.
  • Changes in Energy Levels: Opioid abuse can lead to unpredictable energy levels. Individuals may have periods of intense euphoria followed by extreme fatigue.

If you or someone you know is misusing opioids they will be behavioral changes, such as:

  • Social Withdrawal: Opioid abuse often results in the withdrawal from social activities and responsibilities. Individuals may isolate themselves to conceal their substance use or due to the impairing effects of the drugs.
  • Neglect of Responsibilities: As addiction takes hold, priorities shift, and responsibilities may be neglected. This can include work-related tasks, familial obligations, and personal commitments.
  • Secrecy and Deception: Those struggling with opioid abuse often engage in secretive behavior to conceal their substance use. This may involve hiding drug paraphernalia, being evasive about their activities, or displaying a general reluctance to share information.
  • Financial Trouble: Sustaining an opioid addiction can be financially burdensome. Individuals may experience difficulties managing their finances, borrowing money frequently, or resorting to illegal activities to fund their habit.

Opioid abuse may also cause psychological changes. After excessive use of opioids you may notice these psychological signs:

  • Mood Swings: Opioid abuse can result in drastic mood swings. Individuals may exhibit sudden and noticeable shifts in mood, from intense happiness to irritability or depression.
  • Lack of Motivation: Opioid abuse often has negative effects on an individuals’ motivation and drive. Hobbies, interests, and goals that were once very important may take a backseat to the ongoing pursuit of opioids.
  • Poor Judgment: Impaired decision-making is a common psychological consequence of opioid abuse. Individuals may engage in risky behaviors without considering the consequences.
  • Cognitive Impairment: Opioids can impact cognitive function, leading to difficulties with concentration, memory, and overall cognitive performance.

Drug use effects your social life. Some social signs of opioid abuse include:

  • Changes in Current Relationships: Individuals addicted to opioids may gravitate towards a different or new social circle that supports or encourages substance abuse. This often isolates them from previous friends and family.
  • Legal Problems: Opioid abuse can often lead to legal problems. This can potentially  include arrests for possession or related offenses. Legal issues become more common as the addiction progresses.

Understanding these signs is vital for early intervention. If you recognize these indicators in yourself or a loved one, seek professional help at an addiction treatment center. At First Steps Recovery in Clovis, CA, we can make a significant difference in breaking the cycle of opioid abuse and paving the way towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. The sooner you or a loved one can receive support, the greater the chances of successful recovery.

What is Opioid Addiction Treatment?

opioid addiction treatment

Opioid addiction treatment is often a multifaceted process that addresses the physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction.

At First Steps Recovery, we employ evidence-based treatments to help individuals overcome opioid dependence. We work with individuals to create unique treatment plans in order to build a foundation for lasting recovery. Our approach is extremely personalized, recognizing that each person’s journey to recovery is unique.

What is Opioid Detox?

Opioid detox is the first step on the road to recovery. Detoxing from opioids involves the gradual elimination of opioids from the body. This allows the body to adjust to the absence of these substances.

Medical supervision during detox is crucial to manage withdrawal symptoms and ensure the safety and comfort of individuals undergoing this difficult process.

What are the Symptoms of Opioid Detox?

The symptoms of opioid detox can vary in intensity and duration and are highly dependent on the individual.

Common withdrawal symptoms include nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, anxiety, and insomnia. While detox is a challenging phase, our experienced medical team at First Steps Recovery is dedicated to providing support and medical interventions to ease the discomfort associated with withdrawal.

What is Acute Withdrawal

Acute withdrawal is the initial phase of detox. It is typically marked by the onset of physical withdrawal symptoms. This phase typically peaks within the first few days of detox and gradually subsides as the body adjusts to the absence of opioids. Our medical team closely monitors individuals during acute withdrawal, ensuring their safety and overall well-being.

What is Early Abstinence?

Early abstinence follows detox and involves ongoing medical and therapeutic support. During this phase, individuals work to address the underlying factors contributing to their addiction. During this time they often learn coping strategies. Our holistic approach at First Steps Recovery can include counseling, group therapy, and educational sessions to empower individuals in early abstinence.

What is Protracted Abstinence?

Protracted abstinence refers to the extended period of recovery after initial detox and early abstinence. This phase focuses on sustaining long-term recovery by reinforcing healthy habits, fostering resilience, and addressing any lingering challenges.

Our team provides ongoing support and resources to help individuals navigate the complexities of protracted abstinence and build a fulfilling, drug-free life.

What to Expect in Opioid Rehab

Entering opioid rehab at First Steps Recovery is a transformative experience for many. Our rehab programs are designed to address the physical and emotional dimensions of addiction.

From individual counseling to group therapy and life skills development, our comprehensive approach ensures that individuals receive the support they need to overcome the challenges of addiction and build a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

How to Find Opioid Addiction Treatment in CA

Finding opioid addiction treatment in California can be overwhelming, but it’s a critical step towards reclaiming your life. Start by researching reputable treatment centers with a track record of success. Look for facilities that offer evidence-based treatments, experienced staff, and a commitment to personalized care. Reach out to local healthcare providers, addiction specialists, or community organizations for recommendations.

Opioid Addiction Treatment at First Steps Recovery

therapy for opioid addiction

At First Steps Recovery, we stand as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to build a life free from opioid addiction. Our facility in Clovis, California, combines medical expertise with compassion to provide a supportive environment for recovery. Our team of dedicated professionals includes medical doctors, therapists, and support staff, all committed to guiding individuals through every step of the recovery journey.

Our treatment approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, ensuring that each individual receives the most effective interventions tailored to their unique needs. From medically supervised detox to comprehensive opioid rehab programs, we prioritize safety, comfort, and individualized care.

First Steps Recovery offers a range of therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual counseling, family therapy, and holistic approaches that address the mind, body, and spirit. Group therapy sessions provide a supportive community where individuals can share experiences, gain insights, and build connections with others on a similar journey.

We understand that the path to recovery is not linear, and our programs are designed to adapt to the evolving needs of each individual. Whether you are in the initial stages of detox, navigating the challenges of early abstinence, or focusing on sustaining long-term recovery, our team is with you every step of the way.

If you or a loved one is grappling with opioid addiction, take the first step towards recovery by reaching out to our compassionate team. Together, we can break the cycle of opioid addiction and embark on a journey towards lasting healing and fulfillment.

Contact First Steps Recovery in Clovis, California, and let us guide you through the transformative process of opioid addiction treatment. Your first steps towards recovery start here.

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My experience with First Steps and their entire team has not only helped me to gain sobriety but maintain it now for knots 18 months. The 24 or so days I spent there was the best thing that happened. My kids have their mom, the parents have their daughter but most importantly I have myself back!!

Dayatra L.

Amazing Experience

Amazing people. Super supportive and always there when you need them. My counselor, Amanda, makes it fun but also takes you to uncomfortable places in the best way. I recommend First Steps to anyone struggling with addiction.

Melissa B.

Above and Beyond

I attended First Steps outpatient program and was very happy with the help I received. I felt the staff genuinely cared about the health and well being of the people there. They went above and beyond to help me meet my goals and keep them.

Bruce G.

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