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My Loved One Needs Help

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

The agony of watching a loved one fade away from you and from themselves in the grips of addiction is a confusing and terrifying situation. Watching someone you deeply love—your child, your husband, your father, your sister, your wife, your sibling, your friend, and more—making dangerous decisions, getting involved in life-threatening situations, and slipping away from their truest self—lost to some unseen driving force that steals joy and leaves an empty shell. Alcohol or substance dependence is a horrifying, crisis situation, and your loved one needs your help.

The disease of addiction affects the chemical and physical makeup of a person; this is why they are hardly recognizable to you anymore. However, in the process of helping them find recovery, it’s important to remember is they are not evil. They are not actively trying to hurt you or your family or friends. This disease so completely overtakes their needs, passions, and cares, everything else becomes secondary to their immediate impulses.

But there is hope!

Addiction is a treatable disease. You have not lost your loved one forever. With the right guidance and a quality program, recovery is possible. Addiction treatment will empower your loved one to manage the dynamics currently affecting their brain and give them the tools to regain control of their life.

Though it is certainly a complex and lifelong process that takes diligence, effort, and support, recovery happens. Here are the three key ingredients your loved one will need in order to find and regain the life they had before addiction took over.

  1. Healthy Detox

Your loved one needs freedom from the control the substance currently has on their body and brain. Detox is the first step to the ultimate goal of liberty from the effects of drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol. For good reason, many people are fearful of the physical ramifications of stopping drugs. Indeed, an addict will experience a variety of acute physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms when going through a detox, and to try it alone without help is dangerous. However, at First Steps Recovery, we offer a medically assisted withdrawal management to help our clients move through this aspect of recovery with as much safety and comfort as possible.

  1. Working a Program

Gaining freedom from the immediate physical need for alcohol or substances is only the start. The recovery process is multifaceted with many nuances that take into account factors as wide ranging as schedules and diet all the way to personal trauma and mental health. This is why high-quality treatment centers such as First Steps offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the furthest depths of your loved one’s needs. Here at First Steps, our services include a Wilderness Treatment Program, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Yoga, and many more to ensure a holistic approach to healing.

  1. Preventing Relapse

Addiction is a chronic disease, and as such, it never goes away. This means that lifelong management is necessary. Relapses do happen, but our program at First Steps is designed to give your loved one the best possible tools to ensure lasting recovery. As well, we have alumni programs, Relapse Prevention Planning, and other Aftercare options so your loved one can return to society fully equipped to handle the stresses and triggers sure to confront them.

Recovery Is Possible for Your Loved One!

We know you might feel helpless in this situation. But you are not. We are ready to talk with you and answer any questions about the options you have and how we can help you find the next step for your loved one. Please call one of our addiction specialists right now: 844-489-0836.

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