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Rapid Detox: What It Means and How It Works

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it comes a time when you say enough is enough. You probably feel bad about disappointing your family and friends time and time again. You are tired of blacking out and waking up to hangovers and having no idea of what happened the previous night. You just want to stop.

Congratulations! That is the first and the most significant step towards detox. But you might be torn apart on how to go about the process of detox and probably circumvent the pain of the sudden withdrawal from drugs.

In your research on ways to quit drugs, or to help a loved one, you have come across many methods of detox, and rapid detox must have been one of them. Understanding how it works critical for people who are considering quick recovery.

Here we will outline what rapid detox is, its perks, and its associated disadvantages.

Rapid Detox

Rapid detox is an extremely fast way to flush out the drugs in the system of an addict within a few hours and is done in a controlled clinic. The individual is put under an anesthetic for approximately 4-6 hours, while the opioid-antagonistic drugs eliminate any substance in your body. The individual is then required to remain within the clinic premises under strict supervision for about 24-48 hours.

The medication, which is administered intravenously, speeds up the withdrawal process and helps bypass the uncomfortable and painful situations attached to withdrawal. Once the individual recovers from the anesthetic effect, he is given some more drugs, usually Naltrexone, which he is supposed to take for some months to help him in the withdrawal process.

Benefits of Rapid Detox

While rapid detox appeals to most people since it offers a relatively fast and ‘magical treatment,’ it is just one of the first and few steps towards sobriety. The benefits are usually short term, and it is necessary for you to consider preparing for rehab after the detox to address the psychological journey.

Some of the benefits of rapid detox include:

  • There is little or no pain during withdrawal because the individual is already anesthetized during the whole process.
  • Rapid detox, as the name suggests, is extremely fast and takes a shorter time compared with the conventional methods of detox.
  • Rapid detox offers a faster recovery period for you and encourages you to seek help sooner, for there are no painful circumstances involved.

The Downsides of Rapid Detox

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to sobriety. It is also worth noting that rapid detox in itself is insufficient for full recovery since the body is vaulted to immediate withdrawal; hence it lacks long-term efficacy. The body is not allowed to use up the drugs it already had access to slowly, and the body functions are still left intact during the anesthesia period.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the risks associated with rapid detox outweigh the benefits. Some of the cons of the practice include:

  • Rapid detox can cause health-related problems and, even sometimes, death. The detox process has contributed to several deaths and medical issues compared to regular detox. Other fatalities that can arise from the practice are:
  • Rapid detox does not cover the psychological predispositions associated with drugs. While there will be no active drugs in a patient’s system, the bad habits that supported the addiction are still there.
  • Also, studies indicate that there are increased chances of relapse from individuals who have undergone rapid detox compared to regular detox.
  • It lacks the long-term efficacy and is detrimental to the process of long-term recovery.

Help for Addiction

However, it is not all doom and gloom for patients that seek rapid detox as a means to recover from drug addiction. What is imperative is understanding that rapid detox cannot just work on its own, and you need to get a rehab that will help you gain momentum for a full recovery.

Detox is not only a physical process but also a highly mental process. You might be exposed to memories of the past and have a huge desire to get back to your old behavior. The physical recovery done during the rapid detox period can be well supplemented in rehab to help you deal with your emotions and feelings.

At First Steps Recovery, we are concerned about your feelings and recovery as well. Located in Clovis (Fresno County), our proven detox program that allows those with an addiction to safely and carefully get the substance out of your system with the least discomfort. Feel free to talk to us or call us today on 844-489-0836.

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