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10 House Rules No Rehab Should Be Without

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

The safety of a resident must be as important as their recovery at any good treatment center or rehab. The worst-case situation would be to find yourself or your loved one in a place where, in addition to the recovery process, there were various aspects of communal living that caused distractions. Here are 10 rules to look for that are essential in maintaining a high-quality program. Look for them in any treatment center you are seriously considering.

10 House Rehab Rules

  1. Respect Other Residents’ Confidentiality

We all need to feel safe in order to share. Breaches of confidentiality must be taken very seriously. This includes discussing other patients’ issues with anyone. This also includes shaming, mocking, or intentionally humiliating another patient for what was shared in group therapy or in other discussions.

  1. Document All Prescription Meds

In a quality recovery center, all prescription, over the counter medications, and supplements are admissible but should only to be taken as prescribed by an attending physician. However, quality treatment centers will document all the meds of every resident. This is a safety issue not only for the person who needs the prescription meds but all residents.

  1. No Aggression

A high-quality treatment center has zero tolerance for aggressive acts between residents. This will include verbal or physical threats as well as any provocation. Any acts of aggression should carry the weight of immediate discharge from the program, according to the discretion of the director.

  1. No Sex

Sexual interactions of any kind or comments of a sexual nature are inappropriate and will not be tolerated at the best treatment centers. This includes watching sexually explicit movies or television. This should be made clear—recovery is the priority at the best treatment centers, and residents must be given a safe place to distance themselves from all distractions, including sexual ones.

  1. Respect Your Roommate

Most rehabs and recovery centers have shared sleeping space. A quality center will require residents to be respectful of the space by keeping their area of the room neat and tidy. There should be adequate places for property to be stored (closets or chests) to keep residents from living out of a suitcase. As well, a good treatment center will ask residents to dress in privacy. Not everyone is comfortable getting dressed in front of another or seeing someone else getting dressed.

  1. No Pictures

A good recovery center takes the privacy and confidentiality of their residents very seriously. As such they will have strict policies against bringing cameras or using cell phones for pictures. Taking photos should be prohibited, for the safety of everyone.

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothes

It seems to go without saying, but a good recovery center will say it: keep your clothes on. All residents should be expected to dress appropriately and respectfully. Of course, casual attire will likely be the norm (sweats, shorts, jeans, comfortable clothing), but people should not sit around in their underwear, and a good recovery center will hold residents to this standard. 

  1. Of Course, No Alcohol or Drugs

High-quality recovery centers must have a high standard of keeping drug and alcohol-free. There should be clear expectations for each resident to stick to this policy. Bringing in liquor and/or any unauthorized or illegal drugs into the facility or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot be tolerated.

  1. Submit to Random Drug Tests

The purpose random drug test is to verify a resident’s compliance with the program’s policy on substance use. This is not a simple act to keep tabs on everyone; it is the sign of a respectful and intentional facility—one where the staff is committed to the success of the residents in their care.

  1. Smoking?

Smoking is usually permitted in designated areas of treatment centers. However, there will be policies in place to make sure smoking is not a nuisance to non-smoking residents and staff.

Safety Is Essential for Your Recovery

Safety at a treatment center is an essential foundation for a meaningful long-term recovery. While you may approach a treatment center with a certain level of uncertainty, the experienced staff at First Steps Recovery will make your safety and comfort their number one priority. Our programs feature carefully crafted guidelines administered under controlled conditions with around-the-clock supervision. Additionally, we also ensure that you will receive the personal and compassionate care you deserve during all aspects of your recovery. Call First Steps Recovery toll-free right now: 1-844-489-0836 (or enter your phone number in the form at the top of this page, and we’ll call you).

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