A Sober Café and a Supportive Community: First Steps Keys to Lasting Recovery

A Sober Café and a Supportive Community: First Steps’ Keys to Lasting Recovery

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

One of the biggest keys to lasting recovery is finding the sense of belonging that so many people crave. Community is a force that powers society and propels humanity forward. This coveted sense of community can be created by finding a group of like-minded people with whom we can create a safety net against the ills of the world.

During treatment for substance abuse and mental health, a sort of community forms among those who endure the same trials. Alongside others who have successfully gone before, these individuals become alumni and a part of a larger community of those who have beaten addiction. It is this kind of community clients can expect to find at First Steps Recovery.

At First Steps Recovery, clients are a priority during treatment, in recovery, and as they practice the lessons they learned in recovery. Those who walk through the doors of our facility are incorporated into the lifelong communal fabric of the alumni system. Bringing people out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of lifelong happiness and sobriety is exactly what we are committed to doing every day.

The Keys to Lasting Recovery Begin With Community

One of the newest frontiers of helping individuals find the keys to lasting recovery is the concept of the sober cafe. These cafes help people who are in recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues to find the communal support they need. After all, the journey from addiction to recovery is a complex and challenging road, and it takes a village to help one person get there.

The First Steps Recovery sober cafe in Clovis, California offers individuals entering recovery a safe and sober place to gather and socialize without fear. Too often, one of the biggest concerns individuals in recovery have is trying to find places to socialize where they will not face the specter of addiction and vices. Sober cafes are fun places that are free of addictive substances, where clients can gather and enjoy themselves.

Support in recovery goes beyond clinical treatments, self-discipline, and the rest of the tools learned in treatment. Treatment is about learning to overcome addiction, while recovery is about rebuilding life from the ground up, free of the factors that led to addictive behavior. That is the profound significance a sober cafe has in finding the keys to lasting recovery and fostering communal support.

Gathering Together With Friends in Clovis

Recovery from a substance use disorder (SUD) is something that can define you. That recovery affects you for the rest of your life. Entering remission from addiction is an important step to lasting recovery.

Finding the right support systems is crucial as you embark on this journey. In recovery, clients may hear many things about what they should and should not think about SUD remission. Here are some things to keep in mind when tuning out some of that noise:

  • You have inherent worth and dignity, whether you are recovering from SUD or are still actively dealing with an addiction.
  • There is no shame in seeking help. No one should discriminate against you for something that you are dealing with.
  • Access to treatment and recovery systems is a human right.
  • Your experiences are valuable and may help someone else who is currently dealing with SUD.

Finding Your Rhythm and the Keys to Lasting Recovery

According to the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, as of 2014, more than 20 million people in the United States suffered from SUD. More terrifying, the rate of overdose deaths increased by 137% between the years 2000 and 2016.

There is an inherent need to combat these statistics and increase the chances of clients reaching lasting sobriety. Finding the keys to lasting recovery has never been as important in the United States as it is right now. First Steps Recovery supports clients in finding sober living situations, increasing their odds.

Sober living housing can serve as both social support and living arrangements. This kind of housing helps keep people in recovery in remission.

Finding a Place for Us All With the Keys to Lasting Recovery

Thanks to resources like the sober cafe and sober living houses, addiction recovery is possible. For many it’s not just possible; recovery is already a reality. Addiction is a disease, but the good news is that it is treatable.

Because it is a chronic illness, we cannot cure addiction. However, we can help to remove the factors that lead to disease outbreaks. This helps people to remain in remission.

Even the threat of relapse does not mean that addiction treatment has failed. On the contrary, relapse during recovery is another outbreak of disease, and that means treatment may be needed again.

The Sober Cafe: A Coffee Shop With a Purpose

The way to stave off the threat of relapse is by embracing the new recovery period that comes after treatment. We can take hold of the keys to lasting sobriety and start to live life differently. In doing so, we can seek safe, sober, and empowering situations during recovery.

Lasting sobriety is possible. Creating communal socialization spaces is one of the best ways to foster lasting sobriety.

The sober cafe in Clovis, California, is just one of the many ways First Steps accomplishes this goal. This space offers clients a tangible embodiment of our commitment to community. We nurture connections by providing a safe space for all at the treatment center in Clovis.

At First Steps Recovery, your growth and empowerment are our highest priority as you enter the recovery period of your journey. Our alumni programs and group events offer you the opportunity to build a new life. You can do this with the support of people just like you who know exactly what you’re going through. With our new sober café, you have a place to gather and socialize like never before with people who support your journey. When you become part of a communal network that embraces sober change, you’ll find friends who last a lifetime. If you are ready to begin your journey to recovery, call First Steps Recovery at (844) 489-0836

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