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Addiction Treatment for Women

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Gender Specific Treatment

Substance use disorder doesn’t just effect one type of person, but when it comes to treatment, individualized care in a gender specific setting is clinically proven to achieve long lasting recovery. At First Steps Recovery, gender specific inpatient facilities are offered as a standard to ensure a stronger therapeutic alliance and clinical environment. Research supports that gender-specific programming can be therapeutic for those who have suffered trauma at the hands of the opposite gender. Therefore, it is crucial to offer addiction treatment for women as a staple of any  addiction treatment program.

Addiction Treatment for Women at First Steps Recovery

Women face unique barriers when it comes to seeking treatment that men may not. According to the CDC women are more likely to be caretakers and leaving those they support can feel impossible, which is why lower percentages of women reach out for help. First Steps recovery offers a program specific to women’s needs and issues targeting trauma, love and sex addiction, codependency, enabling behaviors as well as substance use disorder and mental health. Women also have biological differences that coexist with substance use disorder as additional barriers to seeking treatment that men do not and can be stigmatized – like pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Addiction

Pregnancy when suffering from substance use disorder can feel overwhelming and can fill one with shame. Pregnancy is generally portrayed as a time of great excitement and joy, but isn’t always the case for women struggling with recovery. First Steps Recovery specializes in detoxing and treating pregnant women. This is achieved in partnership with physicians and obstetricians to safely and effectively medically detox those who might otherwise have to face this task unaided. Forefront in pregnancy care at First Steps is the intent focus not only on the mother but the health of the growing child during the treatment stay. With our innovative detox protocol, we are able to safely assist those with a desire to seek recovery while pregnant and help them remove their substance use disorder as a barrier to enjoying and celebrating the new life they are carrying.

Addiction Treatment Help for Women in Fresno, California

If you or a loved one is looking for help overcoming an addiction, the women’s inpatient program is one of the most sought after in the Central Valley. Please call us today for a free consultation with one of our specialists to see what your options are: 844-489-0836.


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Meet Our Team

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