Empowering Athletes' Success, on and off the Field

Empowering Athletes’ Success, on and off the Field

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Whether sitting in the crowd as a fan or playing on the field, competitive high school and college sports are among the most thrilling pursuits of young lives. In the realm of competitive sports, parents, coaches, educators, and administrators are invested in empowering athletes’ success. Yet, being mindful of health is also of utmost concern.

Student-athletes have pressures on them many people would not understand, the importance of proving oneself notwithstanding. Drug abuse is a paramount concern to parents, coaches, and educators whose job is caring for and empowering student-athletes. The reasons for student drug use are many and varied. However, drug use often begins with the desire for the student to be the best at their game and to stand out from the crowd.

The drugs student-athletes turn to include performance enhancers and illicit drugs, often encountered through peer pressure. Fortunately, with the right tools, student-athletes can rise above the pressures to use drugs. For instance, in partnership with First Steps Recovery, Fresno State University offers its student-athletes comprehensive drug treatment and rehabilitation. Together, these organizations aim to empower student-athletes to achieve greater success in life.

Empowering Athletes’ Success in the Coming Academic Year

Beginning a new academic year is a challenging time for most students. Perhaps none are more challenged than student-athletes balancing practice and classes. Stress can induce young people to seek ways to alleviate their aggravation. In the process, some might find that relief in addictive and illicit substances. Those invested in empowering student-athletes can help steer them away from these vices and toward ways to better themselves.

In partnership with Fresno State University, First Steps Recovery has created a program to engage with student-athletes and offer preventative services. Research from the National Quality Forum and the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment has demonstrated that proactive measures greatly reduce drug use in teenagers. This collaborative program between First Steps and Fresno State continues empowering student-athletes by keeping them drug-free.

In addition, by creating a strong connection through this collaboration, students have greater success in completing a treatment program. This means students can get back on the field faster and receive the opportunities of scholarships and awards that can propel them to a drug-free life. First Steps Recovery is committed to empowering athletes’ success through these vital collaborations.

Preventing Addiction From Hindering Student Athletes

There is little denying that pressures and stress are some of the biggest factors causing a person to engage in substance abuse. Nowhere is that more true than with athletes. Athletes face tremendous pressure to always be at their peak performance, no matter the cost or potential injury. This pressure can cause them to seek out drugs that enhance their performance. When that fails, they often try stimulants and other substances.

Recently, new and innovative approaches are being employed to help curb these tendencies in athletes. Reducing stress and, in some cases, the pull of addiction has been mitigated by neuromodulation techniques. These cutting-edge interventions ensure the well-being of these young people while empowering athlete’s success.

Viewing Pre-addiction Treatment as Empowering Athletes’ Success

In the substance abuse treatment field, the topic of addiction comes up a lot. After all, it is the basis of the entire addiction treatment field. But there are ways to prevent addictive behavior from developing and, in some cases, from spreading around. In other words, it is time to start talking about pre-addiction.

As a field, pre-addiction identifies people who are at risk because of circumstances or disorders for addictive behavior. By identifying these individuals early and offering them treatment, addiction can be mitigated. Pre-addiction treatment is just one way First Steps Recovery’s partnership with Fresno State University continues empowering athletes’ success.

Empowering Athletes’ Success at First Steps Recovery

So how does First Steps Recovery continue empowering athletes’ success every day? Let’s look at some of the ways this partnership is a perfect fit for the First Steps Recovery facility in Clovis, California. First Steps’ addiction treatment program is designed to get people back to living healthy and productive lives.

The program goal is to have student-athletes back on the field doing what they do best. In combination with the program goals, First Steps offers a variety of treatment options. No one person is the same, and no athlete is the same either.

Sometimes the athlete requires inpatient care at a safe, healing, and comfortable facility. Other times the athlete is better suited for outpatient care where they can continue their work on the field. Either way, there is a path forward at First Steps Recovery.

The Prevalence of Athletes’ Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Some people may dismiss the phenomenon of student-athlete addiction as a rarity. However, that could not be further from the truth. This is a dangerous trend gripping student-athletes nationwide. Alcohol consumption among student-athletes is noticeably higher than in the general population. The same is true for marijuana use, other illicit drugs, and chewing tobacco.

Realistically, no one is empowering athletes’ success unless they are encouraging them to live their lives without these substances. Empowering athletes’ success means giving them the tools to reach their goals as healthy and drug-free young people.

A Playbook Victory by Empowering Athletes’ Success

It’s important not just to produce game-winning plays but also to use the playbook for empowering athletes’ success at avoiding drugs. With the strategic partnership between Fresno State University and First Steps Recovery, students receive pre-addiction services and addiction treatment that help them stay on the field. Living a healthy, drug-free life has never been more possible for student-athletes.

The coming of autumn weather brings one of the most anticipated athletic seasons of the year: football season. Around the country, student athletes have been engaging in high school and collegiate sports events, showing their determination, strength, and prowess. But student athletes are also much more likely than others to become ensnared in addiction. Together with Fresno State University, First Steps Recovery is offering a unique and verified way to keep athletes off of alcohol and drugs and on the field doing what they do best. This strategic partnership seeks to ward off drug abuse with pre-addiction services and treat addiction successfully. Call First Steps Recover at (844) 489-0836 to learn more today.

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