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HMO Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab | First Steps Accepting Anthem Blue Cross

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

We have exciting news:

First Steps is in network with Anthem Blue Cross. This means that anyone with HMO insurance in this network can be qualified to receive premium treatment offered at our facility!

Understanding Insurance

The insurance aspect of drug and alcohol treatment can be overwhelming. In the face of the life-threatening disease of substance use disorder, it is unfortunate that it becomes a hurdle for so many. One of the reasons we are so excited about First Steps drug and alcohol rehab accepting this HMO insurance coverage is the fact that we can open our doors a bit wider for anyone in need.

Here is a helpful 101 guide on HMO insurance for drug and alcohol rehab.

If this is all overwhelming and you want to talk to a person and just ask questions, please call us now. One of our addiction specialists will be happy to go through all your options: 1-844-489-0836.

HMO for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

HMO stands for Health Management Organization. These groups set up different contracts with hospitals, doctors, dentists, etc.—or in this case addiction treatment centers (commonly called rehabs). If a connection has been made and the work has been put in to get qualified and to figure out all the details of how a claim is made and approved, then the rehab or other health care provider is in “network.”

In your HMO network, you have a primary care physician who can refer you to a specialist. A drug and alcohol rehab, residential treatment, is a specialist organization. Your doctor will only be able to refer you to a rehab in the HMO network. If you want to go to a rehab that is not in your HMO’s network, there will be little or no coverage for treatment.

Lower Costs More Restrictions

The biggest HMO benefits are the lower costs for individuals and families. Typically the premiums and co-pays are lower with HMOs.

Premium: the monthly cost just to have insurance.

Copay: the usually small amount a person pays when they receive treatment.

People struggling with drug or alcohol addiction often are in financial crisis. The cost of keeping their drug or alcohol habit may have cost them nearly everything. This is why the right insurance approach is so important. If you are looking for specific treatment, such as what is offered at First Steps Recovery, and you do not have the correct coverage, it’s a good idea to call the number on the back of your card and see what is available.

Another option would be to add coverage or change plans. This would take time and effort but could save money in the long run and end up getting you the best treatment possible from the right drug and alcohol rehab. Please call one of our addiction specialists BEFORE making any changes!

Being in network with Anthem Blue Cross is exciting news for us and for anyone in this network looking to find help with their substance use disorder. It means more people will get the life-saving help they need and find lasting recovery.

We Will Walk You Through It

Not sure what insurance you have or what you are covered for? It’s okay. Feel free to call us. We will help you find the right information no matter what your coverage looks like.

We have partnerships with other trusted addiction treatment services all across the country and would be happy to help you find the right treatment to help you take the first steps toward lasting recovery. Call us today: 1-844-489-0836.

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