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Holistic Addiction Treatment: How to Find Success in Sobriety

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Holistic Addiction Treatment Dramatically Increases The Success Of Sobriety: You Can Win

Recovery from addiction is very attainable and the statistics support this statement, especially for inpatient care. If you or a family member are currently dependent on a substance, or if you just need a refresher and reminder of your incredible strength and resilience, holistic addiction treatment is available and a proven path to your success.

wDrug dependence is always a weight on your shoulders and the feeling of freedom you will experience when you shed that weight is incomparable. Asking and accepting help from a quality treatment center, especially one that works to fit your individual needs, is the way to go.

Over 20 million Americans were reported to have substance abuse disorders in 2016. Quality help is sorely needed. So, how can you tell if a program is constructive, effective, and the answer to the problem?

Measuring Success

A successful rehabilitative program will encourage you to embrace the truths of your dependency. You will be encouraged to recognize that you are not in control of the monkey on your shoulder and that agreeing to go full force into holistic addiction treatment will help you more in the long term.

The ability to define the depths of your addiction honestly while acknowledging the benefits of your newfound freedom is essential to recovering a healthy identity. Identifying your personal hurdles and learning how to complete the steps to overcome them prepares you for a life outside the rehabilitation center.

Conscious recognition of your powerful internal strength will give you the power to control your addiction, better manage stressful obstacles, and increase your quality of life.

But, what do the statistics say? How do I know that holistic addiction treatment will lead me to freedom that lasts?

Determined Statistics

Holistic care is more effective the longer you are supported by a team of professionals dedicated to your sobriety. Your personal relationships, positive environment, and your socialization directly affect your mental health. When all of these states are balanced in a healthy and positive way, your chance at long-term recovery increases dramatically.

An overview of relevant studies on the length and quality of care notes an average increase of 32% in education and employment numbers and a 77% increase of those who refrain from criminal activity after three to six months after release from inpatient care.

A person with quality social support and secure housing has an increased chance of success as well. There was a 69% increase in those who were safely housed and protected after three to six months after release.

Most of the studies reported an increase of sobriety at three to six months after release from holistic care. Your chances are amazing.

Relapse Does Not Have To Be A Fail

Scientists can and do fail when conducting experiments and our recovery is the same. We may have a setback. We may feel as if we failed. But, like the scientists, we are given the tools in holistic care to objectively look at the reasons behind our lapses of judgment and learn from them. We can grow into better, more responsible, and stronger adults through a relapse. That is not a fail.

When addiction treatment pays attention to the entire individual and teaches you the tools to learn from your decisions and face life’s problems in constructive ways, you can get sober and stay sober for the rest of your life.

Not everyone will need inpatient care, nor be able to take a leave from their lives to dedicate all of their attention to their sobriety. You can still be successful with an intensive outpatient treatment program. Especially from the right place, with the right support, for your individual needs.

The use of drugs does not define who you are but it can hide your best qualities. First Steps Recovery will help you find your happiness and a healthy identity again. Contact us in Fresno, California for more details or give us a call at 844-489-0836 for immediate guidance. We’re here for you at all times.



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