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Kaiser Insurance Now Accepted at First Steps Recovery

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

First Steps Recovery is thrilled to announce that we are officially accepting Kaiser insurance plans. We are now the exclusive Kaiser contracted facility for detox and residential drug and alcohol treatment in Central California. Our local Kaiser patients are now able to get high quality, effective, affordable treatment close to home. We are proud to be able to serve our local community and be a resource to those in need.

About Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente is a high quality, top-tier health plan and healthcare provider. The nations largest not-for-profit health plan with over 11.7 million members*, the addition of Kaiser as an insurance provider for First Steps Recovery will make high-quality addiction treatment available to much broader number of individuals in need. Kaiser is a community-driven health care provider with a mission of providing high-quality, affordable services.

*There are over 4 million members in Northern California alone.

Why This Matters?

We understand that paying for addiction treatment can be one of the more challenging aspects of finding professional help. Yet, finding professional treatment gives individuals with Substance Use Disorder the best chance at lasting recovery. Our goal is to make the financial aspect of detox and rehab as simple clear-cut and accessible as possible.

In our experience, the best payment method is through insurance. If you have a healthcare plan, you might have drug addiction or alcohol addiction treatment coverage already. This is one reason we do everything we can to partner with institutions such as Kaiser. If you have an plan different from Kaiser, the best way to verify coverage is to call us. Our insurance and addiction specialists are ready to help you understand all you options. Call now: 1-844-489-0836.

Financing your treatment might be an option, as well. Or some residents prefer not to go through the insurance process, so we offer private payment options, as well. Again, the best way to understand all your possibilities for financing treatment is to call one of our specialists. We promise to do whatever we can to provide you with the help you need, or to connect you with someone else who can.

Higher Price

The cost matters. We know that. This is exactly why we seek out relationships with healthcare providers. And we do whatever we can to make our services available to the broadest range of people. That said, the cost of not finding treatment, or treatment that has lower quality standards can have lasting repercussions.

First Steps Recovery provides an accredited, high quality, individualized approach to treatment. Our evidence-based programs are conducted by experienced professionals who are compassionate and committed to the recovery of each of our residents.

If you, or your loved one, are ready to talk to us about the possibility of addiction treatment at First Steps Recovery in Fresno County, California, please call us today. Recovery is possible, take your first step today, call 1-844-489-0836.

Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team

From our certified therapists and nurses to our emotional support animal "Cooper", our entire team is dedicated to the health and success of our clients throughout our program and beyond.

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