Lifelong Recovery: Alumni Support With First Steps

Lifelong Recovery: Alumni Support With First Steps

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

The first steps you take toward addiction recovery often involve detox and rehabilitation care. The next steps are just as important. One of those steps is aftercare through alumni support. Our alumni program helps clients feel supported as they truly take their first steps toward sobriety.

Our team at First Steps Recovery takes great pride in offering our clients genuine and effective care from the moment they come to us and beyond. Once our clients grasp the depth of our commitment to each person’s recovery, we create a trusting and impactful environment to uphold each client’s healing.

Alumni Support With First Steps Recovery

We are committed to offering our clients alumni support in addition to our initial treatment programs. After you have completed your consultation and rehabilitation treatment, you will qualify for our aftercare program. This program allows our alumni to stay connected with a strong network of peers who are all committed to their sober journeys.

Continued support is a great way to ensure that clients stay on track with each step forward. Strong alumni support creates the space for our clients to ask questions, share insight, and ultimately overcome addiction together.

Why Alumni Support?

Alumni support is a great resource for lasting healing. First Steps Recovery offers alumni support so that our clients receive well-rounded healthcare.

Some of the direct benefits of continued recovery support include:

  • Group support. This encourages healthy connections outside of family and friends. Our network of people in recovery can offer unbiased support and genuine understanding from peers who have been in similar situations.
  • Unlimited access to guidance and resources. These resources encourage healthy decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Peer support from people who have been there. Having a mixed group of clients gives each member of our alumni support group a chance to share and learn from one another. Helping another person who has been in your shoes can boost confidence, create healthy bonds, and encourage compassion.
  • Relapse prevention. Our clients avoid relapse through unlimited access to vital resources and information. This resource helps them uphold their commitment to sobriety and wellness.

The Proven Power of Connection

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), studies provide evidence that connections matter. A variety of studies show that when people have connections that help them feel seen, heard, and understood, this provides momentum for making positive and lasting changes.

The power of connection is vital when it comes to healing and overcoming challenges of any kind. Hearing others’ unique perspectives can offer welcome feelings of empathy and inspiration. Someone who hasn’t experienced addiction may not find it as easy to provide this same type of support.

First Step Recovery’s alumni support network keeps clients connected with our compassionate and knowledgeable staff. This direct and continued support gives our clients a sturdy lifeline as they venture into sobriety. Rather than feeling lost and alone after leaving treatment, our alumni can find community through this support network. This resource demonstrates our sincerity to our clients and their growth.

Connection Promotes Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is an important aspect of well-rounded addiction recovery support. If our clients have completed a residential or inpatient program, transitioning back into daily life can come with compounded stressors and challenges. These situations can be overwhelming to navigate alone. Our alumni support program makes it easier for clients to reacclimate themselves to daily life and avoid relapsing.

Alumni Support Creates Community

Recent studies show that humans are wired to thrive with healthy and meaningful connections. When a person is connected to a strong and colorful community, there is an increased chance of recovering more quickly and maintaining optimal health.

Healthy communities offer several benefits to their members, including:

  • A chance to create positive connections
  • Access to helpful and actionable resources
  • Exposure to unique people and perspectives
  • Space to learn, grow, and explore individually and with others
  • A space to express yourself and share insight without fear of shame or judgment

Alumni Programs Demonstrate Commitment

A well-rounded community gives people access to the tools, opportunities, and connections that can propel their lives forward. Our alumni program offers virtual and in-person support to our clients.

By offering alumni support, we show our clients that we are truly committed to their healing journey. We understand that addiction and mental health recovery processes require patience and consistent, compassionate care. First Steps Recovery can serve as a strong foundation for you to steady your footing on the path to healing, no matter which stage of recovery you are in.

Alumni support groups and activities provide a space for you to move through recovery and share your experience in a judgment-free setting. Oftentimes, addiction at any stage is met with stigma by those who fail to understand the complexities of addiction. Even if you face stigma in other areas of your life, our Alumni Support network can be your firm foundation for healthy experiences and connections in recovery.

Alumni Support at First Steps Recovery

First Steps Recovery offers alumni special programs and resources that demonstrate our continued commitment to each individual and their healing journey. Whether you are in your first days of recovery or your 30th year of sobriety, our team at First Steps Recovery is here for you.

Continued support is a crucial part of continued success in addiction recovery. Our team at First Steps Recovery is dedicated to offering well-rounded service and care to each client who walks through our doors. After you complete your initial detox and rehabilitation treatment, our team continues to offer care and expertise. We assist you with every step you take beyond your first encounter with us. We follow up with our clients and continue to develop a genuine bond that supports lasting healing. We offer resources and group support that keeps you motivated and informed as you stay on track to sobriety. For support from our expert staff, contact us at (844) 489-0836 to get started with your healing.

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Meet Our Team

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