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My Life Is a Mess: When Addiction Is the Underlying Problem

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Are you frustrated with your life lately? Do you wake up feeling sick or badly hung over? Are there cravings you just can’t seem to satisfy? These are difficult physical sensations that can affect your whole day and can even begin to derail your entire life. They are symptoms that addicts struggle with and don’t know how to resist. There may be an underlying problem of addiction.

Let’s take an example. You wake up in the morning only to discover that your heart is racing, your head is pounding, and you feel jittery. You’re supposed to get up and feed the kids and get ready for work, but you feel no motivation to do anything. You want more than anything to make this bad situation go away. You reach over and take a prescription painkiller. After about 45 minutes to an hour of laying in bed, there’s a temporary high, but, over time, it takes more to feed that craving. What’s more, you might also run out of money to afford this habit. When you’re feeling desperate, you might even resort to more extreme behaviors, and they are not always moral or legal, to feed your addiction.

Such out-of-control behavior patterns don’t come without a cost. They may cause negative reactions in your friends, co-workers, and loved ones, which makes you feel like they don’t understand you. Feeling frustrated with this endless cycle of substance abuse can be endless. It can seem pointless to overcome addiction. Where do you begin?

Signs of an Underlying Problem of Addiction

Here are some things that substance abuse is making it difficult to keep a job and/or maintain important relationships:

  • You continue to use a substance despite the social, physical, or psychological harm it causes you and others around you.
  • You need more of a preferred substance to feel okay – such as making it through the day.
  • You can’t go one day without having some of that addictive substance.
  • You ignore other people’s pleas to get help.

What You Can Do

The reality of drug or alcohol addiction is you won’t like who you are as long as chemical dependency is driving your daily decisions. If you live for consuming a harmful substance, you feel in control of other aspects of your life. Denying that there is a substance abuse problem, however, won’t help you regain control or overcome your addiction. The longer you take to accept you have a problem and need professional help, the longer you will postpone the recovery process. The longer you don’t get help, the more you will keep hurting yourself and others even when that’s not your intention.

You can’t keep going down this same road alone without changing something. You have to be willing to look inside yourself and admit that there may be an underlying problem of addiction, and you are hurting yourself with these choices. If you are tired of being controlled by the desire for more of a substance and it takes a greater quantity to feel satisfied, then you need help. Keep in mind that getting help for someone who is actively resisting intervention will not help with their addiction,

When it’s time to change this pattern of substance abuse and adopt new behaviors while ignoring the frequent urges to drink, smoke, or use drugs, please remember you are not alone. With the power of suggestion, you or a loved one can get expert assistance, including holistic addiction treatment in our caring facility.

We are located in Fresno, California, and we can help anyone in your family who has let their addiction control their behaviors start forging a new path. It takes an addict some level of self-awareness to admit the need for help and to start taking control of his/her choices. Without you or your loved one wanting to change this cycle of addiction, our interventions will not lead to long-term success.

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