one drink is too many

One Drink Is Too Many and a Thousand Never Enough

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

It’s a reality any person managing an alcohol dependence can attest to. You’re brain simply is not the same once you have a couple of drinks in you. During the light of day, you can say it all day long, “Okay. Last night was a little overboard. That was a bit much. From now on I’m going to control it.” They may decide that tonight three beers are the limit. Or tonight, no drinks. And maybe they actually pull it off. One night without alcohol. Big victory. And then a day passes, maybe two, and after getting home from work and the stress of the past few hours is still welled up on their shoulders and they reach in the fridge. It’s the first one. And the first turns into a second. And then nothing seems to matter anymore. Except more. And more. And more.

Two Sides of the Coin

It’s that first one that really matters. The one that starts it all. The pebble that starts the avalanche. But at the same time, it’s all the rest that matter too.

If only. If only I could go without needing a drink. If only I could just have one drink. If only I was able to keep to my limit. If only everything else would go away, and I could just get that next drink.

Choosing to abstain from alcohol is a deeply personal one. But it is one that simplifies the entire equation. You don’t have to control your entire drinking problem, having one after another after another. You just have to control that first one.

Of course, easily said. Tough to pull off.

In fact, just about impossible for someone with a full-blown alcohol dependence. This is why help exists.

Do You Have an Alcohol Dependence?

Does this reality ring true to your experience? When you are around booze does something else take over? Once you have that first drink is there really no end in sight?

“One drink is too many and a thousand never enough.” Even though this phrase is a quick and incisive indication of an overarching dependency, it is important to get a professional evaluation. No matter what your next step is, an honest look at yourself and the path you are on is the right thing to do.

If you think you might have an addiction, here is some more information on what help from First Steps could look like, including self-evaluation and what therapy options are available: I Need Help With My Addiction.

Or do you think your loved one might be struggling with an alcohol dependency? Here is some more information for you: What Can I Do If My Loved One Is An Alcoholic?

Looking for Help Right Away?

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