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What Type of Rules You Can Expect at a Halfway House

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

If you’re reading this article, chances are you or a loved one has had to take some sort of abstinence from alcohol and narcotics usage. For many of us alcoholics and addicts, we have taken extra measures to ensure our sobriety. These additional precautions can be as simple as going to Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings, getting a sponsor, going to treatment, or even entering a sober living facility such as a halfway house. The reality of the situation is that people with alcoholic thinking want to do what they want to do. We tend to have a difficult time separating our wants from our needs. It’s easy for people with our addictive mindsets to slip into a manner of unhealthy thinking or start justifying our actions in silly ways. The clichés come into effect full force right now. A favorite of mine is when we think our addiction is minuscule and not really provoking any harm upon us, little do we know that it’s in the other room doing push-ups and becoming stronger and stronger. Speaking for myself, of course, I am unable to stay clean and sober without the help of others. Having been held accountable in many different occurrences can be chalked up to the drug-free and cheerful life that I claim to live in today.

One of the many things recommended to newcomers is to have that form of answerability and somebody that can call us out on our bad decisions. Deciding to pack up your bags and move into a halfway house can be nerve wracking. Let’s face it, most of us don’t want to sleep in a place that’s not “home”. Not only that, but most people don’t want to share this unfamiliar territory with strangers. Rest assured that it’s not at all as bad as it may seem in the beginning. There are usually rules and life skills that are learned when living in such an environment with others. It can be a huge growing process, but in the end, it’s completely worth it to stay sober and continue down a path of being happy, joyous and free.

Giving It Up

A majority of us jump into working a program head first. Yes, this is a vital necessity to staying active in our recovery. We go through our day, go to our jobs, maybe hit a meeting or two, but what happens when we’re left alone with our thoughts and we return home to an empty house? In most cases, if struggle appears in our heads, we end up calling a sober support to be there for us. What about the alcoholic who is fresh into the rooms and hasn’t established that connection and sober circle yet? This is where living in a halfway house can be a gigantic solution to a simple problem.

Moving into a sober home can be intimidating to anyone, especially when you are the new kid on the block. You are not alone though. It is imperative to remember that most people in your new living facility are going through much of the same issues you are. At the end of the day, nobody likes being told what to do. We are our own human beings with our own cognitive thought processes and opinions. At the same time, though, it was our best thinking that got us into the chemical ridden misery we were living before making such changes. So maybe taking some suggestions like having an early curfew can be good for us. Whatever halfway house you decide to enter will more than likely have some regulations like this. This system of rules is in effect for a particular reason. Having a specific time to be home and to have to get up in the morning goes hand and hand with a hale and hearty schedule. Putting ourselves into a routine is something we are usually not accustomed to, yet it makes for a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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Another very common rule put into place for staying in recovery residences is being regularly drug tested. Urine analysis’ play a large role in keeping alcoholics free of the booze. Whatever your reason for peeing clean, these tests will make sure you keep a roof over your head and promote you to constantly keep doing the right thing. Of course, it can be obnoxious having to prepare to urinate in a cup a few times a week, but as mentioned previously, the accountability does us wonders. Sometimes we need to be pushed in the right direction and shown the pathway.

The idea is to be held to a certain standard while taking time to focus on ourselves. Ideally, halfway houses are specifically designed for alcoholics and addicts in early recovery. A few things like early curfews and drug screenings are thrown into the mix to keep the focus on us. Having members of the opposite sex or whomever you are attracted to is a big one. When we start putting all of our attention into another being, we are taking away from the true growth of ourselves that we could be gaining. This is a common practice in most sober living homes and one of the wisest too. Relationships are fantastic and of course, nobody wants to eat lunch alone, but until we learn to love ourselves- we will only struggle to love other people.

Building this routine will create a healthy mindset where everything just starts to happen naturally. Doing the next right thing and staying away from the chemicals won’t even be a thought anymore. Enough practice of integrity and outside perspective coupled along with the twelve steps, and boom- the obsession to use will begin to feel lifted.

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