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Cool Sober Clothing Lines You Can Check Out

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

“Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh and so fresh and so clean clean”, are the famous words used to describe Andre 3000’s dress attire and manner. Generally, most people in our world follow some sort of fashion craze at some point or another. Some being all about the trends, whereas others have a particular style they stick with and know the exact timeless look they want to represent them. Then there are people like myself who don’t really have a style and almost look like a different member of “The Village People” every day. Whatever your situation, it’s always nice to peruse the options that are out there awaiting us.

Some of us enter sobriety and start really putting in the work on ourselves. We start discovering our emotions through all the personal revelations, and new lifestyle decisions begin to coagulate in our craniums. I mean every word of this when I say that I really didn’t know who I was until the decision to take on recovery was made. Life was so numb and I was alive but I wasn’t truly living. I was just another one of the many walking dead plagued by addiction and alcoholism in our world today. How I dressed and presented myself in public was really of no worry at all. I mean life and death were both something that could not be cared less about, so why would the clothes slapped on my back be of any concern? Then real sobriety walked into my life and we’ve been happily together ever since.

Being in recovery allows you to wake up and see life in a new perspective. Suddenly, music has a new articulate sound about it. Food tastes like reality once again. Your appearance and hygiene unexpectedly begin to matter more. New life and new changes, so for many, it’s time for a new wardrobe. Out with the old and in with the new.

Sober clothing lines are a great way to proclaim your status of sobriety without breaking anonymity or being obnoxious about it.  Our world, America in particular, is great at marketing alcohol, cigarette, and cannabis clothing of all sorts. People of all races eat that jazz up because they choose to wear it on their sleeves- literally. Any piece of clothing you wear, whether it has pictures/logos or not, is going to represent you as a person. Cynical maybe, but we live in a judgmental world where people see what they want to see. Oh how eyes can be deceiving… But I digress. Everybody chooses to present differently, and some of us like to wear the flipside of that marketing embody sobriety on our apparel.
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But Where Do I Go?

As you go about in your shopping expenditure, there are so many different routes that can be taken to fill the vacant closet space. One of the simplest ways for the largest selection is, of course, sitting on your rump and looking at some garment selling shops on the World Wide Web. Browsing the internet will definitely help you cross a few quality clothing stores. One of my favorite sober clothing lines is a company called “Party Sober Clothing” found at www.partysoberclothing.com . This is my beloved because it embodies the idea that sobriety is not boring. You can party harder and have much more belly aching laughter in sobriety than you would with the death-delivering intoxicants we used to befriend. This foundation really puts some clever twists into their recovery-oriented clothing line. You can’t help but feel cool wearing it, and can’t help but grin when seeing it.

Now another crowd pleaser to throw out there is a business known by the name of “Sober is Sexy Clothing”, and can be discovered at www.soberisexy.com . This is a company that tends to go over really well with all the masses. They take many of today’s popular trends and sayings, pepper them with a little bit of a sober theme, and create something to be enjoyed by anybody. For instance, a shirt I’ve always been fond of has the famous slogan of “Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘N’ Roll”. The part where it says “Drugs” has a giant mark through it likes it being crossed out. Not only is the font and design of the wording attractive, but it’s humorous too. I mean whether you’re in recovery or not, what’s not to like? Some are a little more in your face than that, but it’s all in good fun. After all, it’s about perspective right?

Moving onward, a further mentionable company and cool website is named “Doing It Sober” and is easily found at www.doingitsober.com . This corporation is amazing because they have other sobriety needs like coins, books, and other miscellaneous what not’s you might fancy. Going back to their clothing options, well let’s just say that vast would be an understatement. Men and women both have options for days in their sober clothing line department. Doing It Sober even brings hats and beanies into the equation. Right there is where I’m completely sold.

Last but not least there’s an artsy company called “New Lyfe Clothing Company”, to be checked out at www.newlyfeclothing.com . I enjoy their look because of the ever pleasing versatility. They take some clever existing ideas and play around with them, as well as putting other original concepts to the cloth too. For our ladies out there, handbags are something you can keep an eye out for when you take your sneak peek at what New Lyfe has to offer.

It’s Not Completely about the Clothing

When we finish our day, it’s not about the cotton shirt with interesting logos we happen to be wearing. It’s not about our style and the ego some of us get to couple with our image. It’s about our general welfare. It’s about us. The hip sober clothing apparel won’t matter if we can’t keep our acts together. If you or a loved one are struggling with the grips of addiction and yearn for that sober quality of life, please call  844-489-0836 or visit www.firststepsrecovery.com. Somebody will be waiting to help speak with you and plan for the next step in your road to happiness.

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