The Benefits of Individual Therapy for Addiction Recovery

The Benefits of Individual Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Some individuals have never experienced the benefits of individual therapy. For them, the idea of going to therapy can be a little scary. Not knowing what to expect can be a frightening proposition. Most of that is fear of the unknown. Fortunately, the culture in the U.S. is changing, and people are beginning to embrace therapy, That is a great thing. There are so many benefits everyone can glean from talk therapy with an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

In the field of substance abuse treatment and recovery, individual therapy plays a key role in helping clients to reach their goals of cessation. There are numerous benefits clients can receive when they partake in individual psychotherapy.

Many of the problems someone might face can be overcome in a counseling relationship. The same is true in the field of addiction recovery. Whether they are in treatment right now, or living sobriety in recovery, they still experience the benefits of individual therapy.

The Many Benefits of Individual Therapy

Every person is a unique individual with needs that are different from everyone else in the world. Because of that, no therapy will be one-size-fits-all. Fortunately, therapy is by definition not one-size-fits-all. It is adjustable to each individual’s needs.

At First Steps Recovery, people can find many different types of therapy. These can help them on their journey to lifelong sobriety. Some therapies include traditional talk psychotherapy, art and music therapies, and therapies in nature. There are so many available that anyone can be sure to find the right fit for them.

Understanding oneself and the kind of person one is will help in one’s recovery. This self-knowledge can be a great benefit when trying to find which therapeutic intervention is most appropriate. Once a person finds the right fit, they can experience the benefits of individual therapy.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy, is probably what people think of when they start thinking of treatment with a counselor. It is a collaborative process in which the counselor and the client work closely with one another in a trusting relationship. No other form of therapy addresses the client’s needs and gives them the benefits of individual therapy in the same way as talking it out. Sessions may take place throughout the week and will decrease in frequency as a person makes progress with their goals.

People experience the benefits of individual therapy when they have a reprieve from their problems. Finally, they have an outlet where they can release someone of their burdens and not carry them alone.

Art Therapy: Getting to Know the Inner You

Many people have complicated emotional responses that can be hard to express. Most people have experienced someone asking them how they feel and struggling to answer them. It can be difficult to express oneself just by using linguistic communication. A person’s mind does not just think in words. The mind thinks in pictures, images, sounds, and other forms of communication. Because of this, fully expressing oneself sometimes requires a variety of techniques.

Art therapy is a therapy offered at First Steps Recovery that helps clients to express their inner thoughts in different ways than using words. This healing modality is more than just drawing or painting. A person uses art to construct their feelings and thoughts so that they can tell others what they really feel and think.

Art therapy is a highly effective tool for counselors who are helping others to overcome trauma. In fact, art therapy is of great benefit in the treatment of conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction. Together with the therapist, a person can use this modality to understand the world a little better and to heal. In this way, they can experience the benefits of individual therapy.

The Health Benefits of Individual Therapy

One of the biggest changes an individual will experience when seeking treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) is the return to health. Drugs and alcohol are tools of suffering. Controlled substances can deprive the brain of oxygen and affect the way blood vessels flow through the body. Living a healthy lifestyle is not just important to longevity. It is essential for sobriety.

Recovery is about recovering one’s mind and body from the depression, anxiety, and exhaustion that drugs and alcohol cause. Experiencing the benefits of healthy activities sometimes involves learning to eat healthy foods. It may include engaging in exercise, going for a peaceful walk outside, and even romping with the pets in the yard.

When someone knows the importance of nature and nutrition and incorporates those values into their lives, they experience positive changes. They begin to reverse the damage drugs and alcohol have caused to their bodies. In doing so, they are promoting their physical and mental health in the recovery journey.

How You Can Receive the Benefits of Individual Therapy

As stated, those in addiction recovery can greatly benefit from psychotherapy. When a counselor sits down with a client in a one-on-one talking session, this allows the client to say what they really feel. While the counselor actively listens and provides essential feedback, the client is free to express themselves in a safe and supportive space.

Finding the Therapist Who Is Right for You

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of individual therapy, the only thing that is left for someone to do is to find the therapist and the types of therapy that fit them best. At First Steps Recovery, they will find that the choice is easy. There are therapies available to meet everyone’s needs.

The relationship between a client and therapist is an adjustment. A mutual respect for one another must be created. The two people have to click, much like a mentor and mentee will do. This person is there to guide a person’s journey in recovery and ensure that they reap the countless benefits of individual therapy.

For those who have never been in therapy, finding the right caring professional can seem like a challenge. However, counselors are ready to help you as you work toward a lifetime of happiness, health, and sobriety. Through personalized and individual care plans, you can experience the benefits of individual therapy for yourself. Whether you are engaging in art therapy or music therapy, wilderness therapy, or nutritional therapy, you are building the skills that you need to overcome addiction. Your counselor will be with you every step of the way, guiding your individual needs in therapy. You can trust in the caring and compassionate therapists and staff at First Steps Recovery. Call (844) 489-0836 for more information.

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