The Lie of Addiction

The Lie of Addiction

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

When addiction takes hold, we feel sucked into isolation, forced to hear the lie that the need for help is an omittance of guilt and shame. This is for many reasons. However, one of the main reasons is because of our own brains and hearts.

We give into the continual lies that our brain points out to us, making us feel as if we can never progress forward. Consequently, our hearts fall prey to our own thought patterns.

The lies we tell ourselves are what stands between us and getting treatment. This article aims to deconstruct the belief that we are weak creatures. Your desire for treatment is in itself a sign of strength.

The Cycle of Negativity

We have amazing brains. They are able to troubleshoot, multitask, and manage different situations. One of our brain’s best abilities is to recognize what something needs to improve. Unfortunately, our brains often look inwards, seeing perceived weaknesses. When we perceive an error or lack of something in ourselves, our brain sees this.

In addition to our heads, we also have amazing hearts. We can lend compassion to those in need and sense different emotions. This is why our hearts feel emotions very strongly.

These emotions are magnified when it comes to our own feelings. This can make our reaction to innate negative thoughts from the brain feel extremely painful. When our brains see a weakness, our hearts draw a conclusion, making us feel overwhelmed with ideas that are negative.

Addiction Without Treatment

With an addiction, this cycle is twice as rapid. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), drugs and alcohol interfere with our brains in ways that make our actions compulsive. Because of this, our addictions override our heads and our hearts with physical cravings. This cuts out all processes of reasoning, often shutting out the voices from our hearts and our head.

Unfortunately, it gives way only to one thing: our addictions. Once the high of addiction starts to come down, our thought processes and emotions flood in from every angle, creating panic. Due to this, we feel panic every time we give in to our addictions. We give our brains more evidence that we have problems.

This is also accompanied by the deficit of endorphins, as previously you had a surplus. The more problems perceived, combined with the lack of endorphins, the more our hearts see the odds stacked against us. It tells us that all these mistakes make us untreatable, unlovable, and unwanted. Our hearts begin to feel untreated, unloved, and unwanted.

These reactions create an endless negative feedback loop, which only furthers our isolation. The isolation then caves us into our own emotions and thoughts. It makes continued substance abuse common because we are unable to carry the weight of our negativity. The drug or the drink is the escape from the torment we feel on the inside. Treatment cuts this cycle at the source.

Peace Found in Treatment

Reaching out for help is the only way to change our patterns. No matter what you are struggling with, we all need help correcting our habits. With addictions, you have the added roadblock of endorphin stimulation and shutting off reasoning. Because of this, the process of detox is imperative.

At First Steps Recovery, we first go through a stage of detox. Detox rids you of the uncontrollable feeling that accompanies drug use. Without the perpetual thoughts of dependency, you are free to focus on the holistic treatment we offer.

You can take advantage of treatments offered as a part of the recovery program. In treatment, your heart and head to the forefront. We can then deal with the thought patterns that you, and all people, struggle with in daily life.

The Strength in Positive Thinking

According to Addiction and Health, treatment centers that incorporate positive thinking increase clients’ hope and quality of life in the long term. At First Steps Recovery, we place immense importance on the power of positive thinking and growth mindsets. We believe that everyone is made uniquely and has the power to overcome addiction. No matter what stage of recovery you find yourself in, we will meet you there.

The most important focus is on your choice to break the cycle. This choice does not make you weak. Our weakness lies in our continuance in a broken cycle of binge and purge. We can never get better with those habits. However, we can grow exponentially stronger when we make small steps forward. No step is too small. First Steps Recovery will be here with you every step of the way.

Our brains and hearts may be stuck in a loop of negativity, but our true success lies in the journey of positive treatment. Before we can be free from the pain of addiction, we must make the decision to help. First Steps Recovery is here to meet you where you are. We don’t ask anything more from you than the knowledge that you want to get better. We are not just in the business of addiction treatment but also aim to better you for the long term. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, we want to walk beside you through complete recovery. If this applies to you, we ask you to look into our facilities. You deserve a healthy, loving life. We want to help you in the journey. For more information regarding our services, call First Steps Recovery at (844) 489-0836

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