What Is Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment at First Steps Recovery?

What Is Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment at First Steps Recovery?

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Finding the right treatment program is the key to successful long-term sobriety. Everyone has different needs, and what works for one person may not work for another. For most people, inpatient treatment is the first step in the journey toward sustainable sobriety. However, for some clients, inpatient treatment either is not necessary or would disrupt their daily lives too much. In those situations, outpatient or intensive outpatient programs (IOP) can be a good option. At First Steps Recovery, an IOP and an online treatment option are offered to clients who need to take a more independent route to addiction treatment.

The Nature of Outpatient Treatments

Outpatient and IOP programs differ slightly in that IOPs require more supervision than outpatient programs do. With an IOP, while clients are not at the facility as they would be in inpatient programs, they are still supervised more than those in a regular outpatient program.

Generally, outpatient programs are directed toward clients who do not require 24-hour supervision like those in inpatient programs. Many who are put into an IOP or outpatient programs also do not require medically supervised detoxification. Some clients, however, undergo detoxification and then go straight into an IOP or outpatient program afterward, depending on their needs and situation.

Most commonly, clients who are dispatched from inpatient treatment are put into IOPs in order to continue their treatment and bring more self-direction into their lives. In these programs, clients are still in touch with staff at their facility and participate in treatments. Clients in outpatient programs or IOPs are still active members of individual, group, and family therapies. Even though clients don’t reside at the facility while in outpatient or IOP programs, these programs can still be just as effective for those who participate.

What Are Online Treatment Options at First Steps Recovery?

First Steps Recovery takes treatment programs a step further, offering an online IOP for clients. Rather than joining sessions at the facility, clients can partake in holistic and clinical treatments from their devices. The services provided via virtual consultation include:

  • Virtual case management
  • Online individual addiction therapy
  • Online clinical group sessions, which include up to 12 clients per session
  • Online First Steps Recovery Café, which is open 24 hours a day in order to promote clients connecting with each other outside of the clinical setting

First Steps Recovery also offers online family and alumni options, including:

  • Online family support meetings, which are held once a week
  • Online Family Support Café, which is open 24 hours a day
  • Online weekly support meetings for alumni
  • Online Alumni Support Café, which is open 24 hours a day

What Are the Benefits of Online Treatment?

By bringing treatment to the online portal, First Steps Recovery helps clients participate in services and experiences they would at the facility. A key part of recovery is building a group of supporters to motivate oneself and provide one with hope. With online café portals, clients can stay in touch with each other virtually and build those connections without needing to be in the same place.

There are also several other benefits to the online treatment model, also known as tele-treatment. These include:

  • Shorter wait times, which allow clients to fit treatment into their daily lives and have faster access to care and prescriptions
  • Increased privacy as clients can access their care from their home
  • Reduced stigmas through nonjudgmental providers
  • Continuous care without disrupting one’s routine going from inpatient treatment to outpatient or online treatment
  • Ease of bringing one’s home environment into treatment, which allows providers to understand the client’s home life on a deeper level
  • Digital tools that are accessible to clients at any time and allow clients to reach out when needed

Which Clients Benefit Most From Online Treatment?

As with a regular IOP, IOP online treatment is most suited to individuals in specific circumstances. This option is most beneficial for clients who do not require 24-hour supervision or cannot disrupt their normal routines because of family responsibilities. Online treatment can also be an important element of recovery as it allows clients’ families to be more directly involved and supportive.

However, this program can be challenging, as clients remain in an environment where they likely have used substances or alcohol. This is why developing that bond and community with others, including family, is a vital part of online treatment programs.

Supporting One’s Recovery Journey Outside of the Facility

Online treatment also requires clients to be more self-directed. Attending virtual sessions, appointments, and meetings is only one piece of the recovery puzzle. Clients also must hold themselves accountable and become self-directed in their journey. As they proceed in their recovery outside of treatment and therapy, clients must discover what healthy coping mechanisms and hobbies work best for them. Creating a life without dependency on drugs and alcohol is of utmost importance in order to maintain sobriety post-treatment.

Here at First Steps Recovery, clients have the opportunity to take part in virtual or online treatment. The telehealth route to addiction recovery can be a good option for some. Those who do not require 24-hour supervision or are unable to leave their home environment due to family reasons may find that online outpatient treatment is best suited to their lives. Clients can access the same therapies and treatments as those in inpatient programs but can access them from the comfort of their homes. Family, group, and individual therapies as well as community-building with other clients at the facility are accessible online. To learn more about our online intensive outpatient program (IOP), please call us at (844) 489-0836.

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