What Steps Can I Take To Incorporate Healthy Habits Into My Life After Treatment?

What Steps Can I Take To Incorporate Healthy Habits Into My Life After Treatment?

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

Dr. Norris Von Curl, II, MD

The recovery journey is a lifelong process that clients embark on. Recovery does not end after treatment, and it is important for clients to understand that and prepare for their transition back into their normal routines. Transitioning into one’s daily routine can be overwhelming or even scary to think about. However, the transition does not have to be this way. In treatment, clients learn how to construct a happier and healthier life revolving around healthy habits.

At First Steps Recovery, the staff works with clients as they transition into their normal routines. The team and staff members stay in touch with their clients months – even years – post-treatment, and are always available to offer help and services when needed. While involved in First Steps Recovery’s treatment and therapy, clients learn how to practice and incorporate healthy habits into their lives.

How Can I Learn Healthy Habits Through First Steps Recovery?

First Steps Recovery offers a multitude of services in which clients learn healthy habits. These services help clients develop positive mindsets and behaviors in recovery. Clients utilize these services in many programs at First Steps Recovery, ranging from inpatient care to outpatient care. Many of these services fall into the category of holistic care options, while others are more standard treatments. The services help clients heal their full selves and overcome their difficulties while in treatment. 

These habits and mindsets can be used outside of the treatment environment as well. In fact, in order to maintain sobriety post-treatment, clients must continue implementing healthy lifestyle habits. To help clients continue with healthy habits, First Steps Recovery also offers a relapse prevention program and aftercare program.

How Do Holistic Care Options Support Healthy Habits?

Holistic care options at First Steps Recovery include creative therapies such as art and music, movement therapies such as yoga, and mind-body-spirit options like mindfulness meditation. The options also include nature-based therapies such as horseback riding, wilderness experiences, and a variety of trips and outings. What’s more, First Steps Recovery offers educational services on addiction and various wellness topics. By incorporating multiple holistic and educational practices into one’s treatment program, clients can fully heal from their addiction on a mental and emotional level while gaining confidence in their ability to sustain sobriety.

Addiction is a complex disease that requires lifestyle changes to overcome. Clients often think that clinical treatment and therapy are enough to overcome addiction. However, this is not true. Making recovery unique and personal encourages clients to find joy, peace, and comfort in their lives without addictive substances. Holistic care of all kinds allows clients to find new ways to express themselves, explore their inner selves, and heal themselves wholly.

The Relapse Prevention Program and Aftercare Program

Relapse prevention at First Steps Recovery is offered to help clients avoid future relapses. During this program, clients identify steps in the relapse process so that they are aware of their post-treatment thinking and behavior. This awareness helps clients become more self-advocating in the recovery process to prevent potential relapse. The program also educates clients on how to get back on the recovery track if a relapse occurs. Relapse prevention programs remind clients that turning back to healthy habits helps them revert to a healthy mindset.

The aftercare program gives clients access to therapy, treatment, and care. Although they are not actively in treatment, clients stay on the right track by using aftercare services combined with self-advocacy. Coaching sessions, therapy sessions or meetings, educational services, and group sessions are available to help clients continue positive lifestyle habits after the initial phase of treatment.

Incorporating Healthy Habits Into One’s Life Post-Treatment

Healthy habits can be implemented into one’s life post-treatment by creating a plan or a schedule. For instance, if yoga therapy in treatment was held at a certain time each day or week, clients could do their best to mimic that schedule outside of the facility. Clients can also carve out time that works best for their schedules for creative or movement-based expression to continue with inner healing and healthy self-expression.

Maintaining healthy habits is crucial for recovery success as recovery is not solely based on clinical treatments or therapies. While clients often continue to go to therapy or engage in some sort of treatment after leaving the facility, lifestyle habit changes are completely self-driven efforts. Recovery is successful through a combination of clinical and holistic approaches. Through maintaining healthy habits, clients can become more self-confident and self-advocating in the rest of their recovery journey. In this way, they learn to lead productive and fulfilling lives without alcohol or substances.

Likewise, healthy habits are often healthy coping mechanisms for those overcoming addiction. By maintaining healthy habits, clients are simultaneously reverting to healthy coping mechanisms. For instance, when frustrated or feeling guilt or shame, clients can turn to written or creative expressions like journaling or art. Maintaining healthy habits keeps clients from reverting to destructive tendencies and thoughts.

Here at First Steps Recovery, we encourage clients to practice and maintain healthy habits. We do so by inviting clients to participate in holistic care, relapse prevention programs, and aftercare services. These programs combine education, expression, and the development of healthy coping mechanisms. For instance, clients can learn to creatively express themselves through music and art or practice movement-based self-exploration through yoga therapy. Clients can then incorporate these healthy habits into their daily lives post-treatment. Learning new positive habits helps clients realize they can lead an enjoyable life without alcohol or substances. Clients also learn more about their addiction through our educational services. To learn more about creating and maintaining healthy habits, please call First Steps Recovery at (844) 489-0836.

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